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There are a few free tools out there to help you measure your Twitterverse. If you are like me investing a lot of time tweeting, it might be worth the effort to understand a few key metrics in order to help you improve. Twitalyzer and Klout are both very easy to use, enter your twitter name and you get a bunch of numbers. However, making these data actionable is not quite so easy. I would like to offer a few things to look at and what you can do about it.


– Downloading the handbook is a must, read the “Become a Twitalyzer Pro in 10 Minutes a day” if you are busy.

-One way I use these tools is to compare with other people. For example, I frequently compare my Impact or Klout score against a few PR guys/girls at work. I set a goal to have higher Impact (or Klout score) than them. It’ll boost my ego and bring great satisfaction. I am hence motivated to tweet quality contents to increase my reach and impact. In Twitalyzer, you can do this via tags, by tagging other tweeples, you put them in a category for comparison.



РKlout is really easy to use. The new upgrade has great UX, Klout score is a influence metrics with 25 variables to measure true reach,  your ability to engage users, and to understand if your messages are generating conversion.

– One of the most attractive part of Klout is the ability to see who you are influence by and who you are influencing. Klout classification also give you an idea how you are using Twitter.

– The top retweets with possible reach is very useful for me to understand who the influencers are when someone retweet me, not all retweeters are the same. A retweet by @avinashkaushik generated 22,954 possible reach, compare to @sm201conf retweet only generated 1443 possible reach.

– Unique Messages Retweeted and Follower Reweet % are both great metrics to help you generate better content. It’s pretty clear how these are calculated.

РLook at your inbound/outbound message ratio  to gauge the level of engagement with your followers. Strike for healthy balance between mention and DM. I am more liberal with public mention for conversation so my followers should be aware. I am between (0.9 to 1.7), lot of room to improve (also most of the time I am talking to myself, how fun).

– Follower/Follow Ratio I pretty much ignore. You could get a lot of bots/junk followers pretty quickly if that’s the route you want to take.

Finally I think it’s important that you set realistic goals and do your best, use Twitter to get what you want, either to engage and communicate or to use it as source of industrial news. Once you have an idea of what you want, then find the appropriate metrics to track your progress. If you have a day job like me, you’ll never have the kind of Klout score comparable to @briansolis or @scobleizer. It’s their day job to run around conferences circuit after all, and real life influence does matter, even in Twitterverse. Remember, data is useless without appropriate context. This guy for example, has 0% generosity and does not engage much.


Posted by Meng Goh   @   2 June 2010 1 comments
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