Bento (弁当, bentō) – A friend and I have lunch all the time and talk about all kinda things, so we figure my blog should be called Bento Box to reflect our wide-variety of interest and opinions about everything under the sun. Feel free to contact me if you would like to connect.

Meng Goh Avatar Meng W Goh is Chinese Malaysian, naturalized American, married to a Mexican. Meng has software development background and knows web analytics and online marketing well. He worked several years at a prominent web analytics vendor handling one of the major million dollar accounts. He used to manage a team of highly competent analysts evaluating the ROI, building marketing process, analytics platforms and tools supporting one of the largest marketing spend (Microsoft Bing). His team worked on social media measurement, database maintenance, marketing channel efficiency studies, email experimentation design and testing, web analytics, etc. Nowadays, he’s taking break from managing people and instead he spend his time improving business intelligence and internal research capabilities for Bing verticals (travel, shopping, news, entertainment, social, etc) in order to compete. In his free time, he likes to…ok he has 2 kids and no free time really. He’s a die hard Oklahoma Sooners fan. Like all Sooners, burn orange makes him puke.

My opinions are ..well mine and not Microsoft. I am sure the mother ship think otherwise, therefor I seldom post materials related to any customer facing products of Microsoft.

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Posted by Meng Goh   @   2 June 2010 1 comments


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